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PRJON is an NYC based clothing brand that puts fashion at the forefront of active wear. Individuals who wear PRJON are lovers of both fashion and comfort, combining fitness wear with style. Our clothing is crafted from innovative and durable material to provide a comfortable form-fitting look. Compliment your on-the-go lifestyle transitioning between the office, gym, or a night on the town.


About The Designer:

Designer Sagit Perez conceived PRJON after moving to New York City and observing people rushing around the streets in sweatsuits. These people were leading busy lives and carried changes of clothes necessary to switch between the office, the gym, and casual clothing. As a mother of three who is always on the go herself, Sagit envisioned a clothing line to make active-wear multipurpose, instead of strictly work out clothing. PRJON is based on the philosophy that people go to the gym to look and feel their best, and so they should wear yoga clothing that helps them do so. Believing that people who always strive to better themselves also want to help others, loyal customers encourage and promote PRJON’s principle to donate 10% of sales to charity. The PRJON brand was made to have the utility of gym wear while maintaining the high fashion of casual and office wear.

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