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Media Pressure Women into Craving a Need for Approval

BY JUDY DEWOLF FRIDAY, MARCH 3, 2017 Media makes women obsess over someone else’s approval. It creates a society of self-critical females. It makes a girl think that she is only good for her looks and that she should use them to impress people. News portrays women with negative image of aging. It sends the […]


Hi Everyone, After a long and busy month I am back to writing, I have gone over all my past blog entries and I have made a decision to share with you my life. I want to envelope you into every experience that I have learned along my own journey about appreciating the gift that […]

* H E A L T H * : Foods to Combat Fatigue

We all have those days when fatigue overcomes you. While a pile of work is staring at you dead in the face, you can only stare back, barely able to lift a finger, let alone having to even think. Instead of grabbing that coffee or energy drink for a quick fix, go for a healthy […]

*F A S H I O N* : Trends to watch for 2016

As spring season approaches, we all have one thing in mind – What should I wear? The transition of seasons always presents an exciting new opportunity to update our wardrobe (and give us another excuse to shop!). I devoured through shows and videos of Fashion Week in search for inspiration and I’d love to share […]

* L I F E S T Y L E * : Alternatives to Netflix and Chill

“Netflix and chill” has been deemed the new mainstream vocabulary, a euphemism for hooking up, but now an Internet joke complete with memes, vines and amusing captioning for otherwise mundane images. You may have heard the phrases, “Wanna come over for Netflix and chill?” or “An hour into Netflix and chill but he hasn’t made […]

* H E A L T H * : Why Everyone Needs Coconut Oil FACTS VS. MYTHS

FACT: Immediate Hair, Skin and Health Improvements Let’s start with the obvious. Coconut oil is a great natural moisturizer for the skin and hair, protecting the hair from brittleness and dry damage and protecting the skin from the sun or constant exposure to cosmetic applications. According to scientific study, eating coconut oil improves blood cholesterol […]


Now that we’ve covered exercising benefits to the human body, mind and soul, we have the question of what to wear? Style is important. It has been proven that what you wear can be determinant of how confident you feel that day and how motivated you are. Plus a studio or a gym is full […]