Hi Everyone,
After a long and busy month I am back to writing, I have gone over all my past blog entries and I have made a decision to share with you my life. I want to envelope you into every experience that I have learned along my own journey about appreciating the gift that life has given you. In the next six weeks, every start of the week I will share with you the best tips I know on how to look good and take care of your gifts. The next blog will include healthy living, exercise and my obsession with fashion! I truly believe if you follow these next six weeks I share, you will see an amazing turn out within yourself. My aim is to share with you the “secrets” of slimming down and eating right. I know most people like to pursue after the summer body and then call it quits afterwards, however, I want to show you that with these simple to follow steps I will help you to kick those annoying unhealthy habits. In each post I will be hyperlinking any ingredients and or subject that I mention, so that you can easily have access to purchase it yourself. All of the products that I recommend in my blog is because I have tried the products and they have worked tremendously. To motivate you to follow this six week challenge, the individual that shows constant participation with the program and blog will receive a $200 gift card to! Simply¬†enter your name or Instagram username and email address to enter into the drawing! Please write back to each blog entry and I will reply to each one of you for any questions you may have for this six week challenge. The more you post the higher your chances are in winning!

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In the first week of my blog I will introduce to you healthy nutritional tips that you can add to your daily routine. I will show you that just by adding one tea/juice cleanser into your system it will help you significantly to wash out all the toxins that have accumulated over time. Trust me with this, you will have so much more energy than you ever thought you had simply by drinking decaf green tea three times a day. Also I want to show you how by making tea in the morning it will benefit you throughout the entire day. This tea is made from fennel seeds, chamomile, anise, verbena, and lemon. Boil them together for 10 minutes and strain the tea. These tips will give you energy that lasts all day and your body will feel lighter than ever. See being healthy is not that hard!



One of my blog entries before was about an app called “Sworkit” if you didn’t read that post, you should definitely have a read. Join in on our workout circuit by downloading the free app. The app will give you several options to choose from on what muscles you would like to focus on, however to follow our specific regime please go ahead and choose the abs and core app option. This first week, you can choose one of the three workout programs that they offer on the main menu. Make the selection of workout you would like to do and then proceed to workout for 20 minutes. But don’t forget to stretch before and after for 10 minutes each session! If you are not sure what to do to stretch your muscles the right way the app has an option that will guide you through different stretching techniques and poses. This is a very important step because it doesn’t only help your muscle recovery, but it actually promotes muscle gain and growth.


Personally, I have never been obsessed with working out, however, I want to give you all my big tips and secrets that motivated me at the start. The clothing I wear really motivates me to go out to the gym. It gave me an added piece of encouragement and motivation within myself once I was wearing something that made me feel good. In the health paragraph, I mentioned drinking tea daily to have extra energy throughout the day and it will also help your stomach not feel bloated. I recommend in the start to wear high-waisted pants, skirts, or shorts, anything you decide just be sure to wear high-waisted until we have achieved our goal. “I’m so happy that high-waisted is trending” About the top, if you have any reserves about your upper body be sure to wear a loose top and you can do a simple trick to make it fashionable, tuck in the shirt a little into your bottoms. But if you still would like to wear a crop top be sure that it is loose. If you’re lucky you can wear any kind of top that you would like. I want to mention that this segment will be¬†about clothing that is easy to wear between your newly fluctuating schedule. This week will be the hardest to start, so to make sure you stick to this regime be sure to wear a sports bra under your work clothes so you can go straight to the gym. If you have active wear leggings you can wear them with a stylish top and easily go for a run or a workout after you everyday errands.




Hope you will follow me these next 6 weeks not only to get that summer bod but also get a good and healthy lifestyle. I promise I will write more in detail about everything I have mentioned today.