Media Pressure Women into Craving a Need for Approval


Media makes women obsess over someone else’s approval. It creates a society of self-critical females. It makes a girl think that she is only good for her looks and that she should use them to impress people. News portrays women with negative image of aging. It sends the message that every new stretch mark or wrinkle will mark her down like a last season sweater.  Being desirable isn’t about looks. Its about attitude. The media would have us believe differently.

A strong women derives her strength from being an independent thinker. She is a woman who plays by her own rules.

She speaks confidence, freedom and empowerment.  She doesn’t live by someone else’s standards, especially in the world that constantly tries to tell us how we should dress or look. She ignores the covers of the magazines that say: “Entice him with this lipstick’ or “Get his attention with this dress”. 

A strong woman isn’t swept by romantic lies and fantasy that media tries to propagate. She doesn’t fall for a scam that a new mascara will get her a loving boyfriend and a perfect relationship. Whereas a woman who is easily influenced, falls for those marketing traps until she is tired of trying to be someone she is not. 

Impressionable woman will over compensate by buying any “magical” product that will promise her to score a boyfriend.

Media teaches us that it’s okay to give everything to a man a girl barely knows, without him having to invest much in a relationship.

A girl will do or buy anything she thinks a man will like to keep the relationship at all cost. She will give blindly because she wants so much of her attention to be reciprocated.

A strong women knows when to pull back because her world does not revolve around men. She won’t kill try to impress anyone. The difference between two women is the amount of effort and time they are willing to invest to impress a man they don’t even know. The difference is whether they will let media and society pressure them into craving someone else’s approval. 

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model & styling: Judy DeWolf photography: Basia Perkowski