* H E A L T H * : Foods to Combat Fatigue

We all have those days when fatigue overcomes you. While a pile of work is staring at you dead in the face, you can only stare back, barely able to lift a finger, let alone having to even think. Instead of grabbing that coffee or energy drink for a quick fix, go for a healthy snack. Trust me, eating foods that boost your energy levels naturally, it will also benefit other parts of your body too, like your skin and waistline.

Basic Rule of thumb –

  1. Choose complex carbohydrates and lean proteins that keep you full longer and are beneficial to your body.
  2. Avoid overly processed, sugary food like pastries.
  3. Eat smaller, lighter meals throughout the day to avoid feeling sluggish after a big meal.
  4. Eat a good balance of carbohydrates, fiber and proteins in every meal to feel satiated and energized.
  5. Avoid quick fixes like coffee and energy drinks.
  6. Stay hydrated!

For Breakfast:

Eat a light, but fulfilling breakfast

Eating breakfast jumpstarts your day, but it doesn’t mean you can chow down on a big portion of greasy bacon, eggs and French toast – food coma much? A good balance complex carbohydrates, protein, and fiber will keep you satiated and keep your energy level higher for longer period of time.

For those with a sweet tooth:
Yogurt with lowfat granola and fruits OR Oatmeal with nuts and fruits
(energizing fruits – banana, apples, dates, figs, blueberries)



Eat lean proteins such as chicken and fish with a variety of vegetables. Fish is high in omega-3 fatty acids that is beneficial to your heart and also your skin.







Dehydration can actually cause fatigue. Watermelon contains 90% water and provides a good source of energy.



Nuts and seeds
Nuts and seeds are packed with protein, fiber and healthy fats. These help boost and stabilize energy levels. Because of the healthy fats they contain, such as omega-3 fatty acids, consuming moderate amounts of nuts and seeds a few times a week reduces risks of weight gain. Try almonds, cashews, walnuts, and flax seeds, use them to dress up and add some crunch to your oatmeal, yogurt or salad!

Thank you for reading!