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Hi Everyone, After a long and busy month I am back to writing, I have gone over all my past blog entries and I have made a decision to share with you my life. I want to envelope you into every experience that I have learned along my own journey about appreciating the gift that […]

* A C C E S S O R I E S * : How to Elevate Your Outfit

Tired of thick scarves and beanies that flatten your hair? With spring approaching, it’s time to change up your accessories! Whether it’s for daywear or activewear, many people overlook the importance of accessories. They not only provide functional benefits, but also allow you to be creative and add a personal flare to your outfit. Here […]

* H E A L T H * : Foods to Combat Fatigue

We all have those days when fatigue overcomes you. While a pile of work is staring at you dead in the face, you can only stare back, barely able to lift a finger, let alone having to even think. Instead of grabbing that coffee or energy drink for a quick fix, go for a healthy […]

*F A S H I O N* : Trends to watch for 2016

As spring season approaches, we all have one thing in mind – What should I wear? The transition of seasons always presents an exciting new opportunity to update our wardrobe (and give us another excuse to shop!). I devoured through shows and videos of Fashion Week in search for inspiration and I’d love to share […]

*FOR YOUR MAN* : Best Gifts for Her

It’s the time of the year when your significant other is scratching their heads, trying to come up with gift ideas – Valentines. Aside from flowers, what are great presents to impress that potential or new girlfriend? For long-term couples, we need something creative and balances romance and function. THIS BLOG IS FOR THE GUYS. […]

* F A S H I O N * : Mix & Match! Activewear with Daywear

For most of us, exercising has become a way of life. Whether you like yoga, intense bootcamp classes, kickboxing, outdoor sports or doing cardio and weight lifting at the gym, we make an effort to fit it in our busy lifestyles. With that said, the market has picked up on this demand and created fashionable […]

* L I F E S T Y L E * : The Princess Syndrome

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